⚠⚠⚠ The third party developer who coded our staking vault coded a backdoor into the vault. He sold those tokens, reducing our liquidity by 64BNB. Please read below for action moving forward

Here is full explanation: https://t.me/AEBChannel/52

Here is our plan moving forward: https://t.me/AEBChannel/53

Please make sure to join the community and vote. 

Also, note that regardless of the path chosen moving forward, we will AIRDROP ALL CURRENT HOLDERS THEIR FAIR SHARE OF TOKENS.

Trading will be halted on Wednesday the 30th at 5pm UTC to allow for relaunch. If you sell your tokens, you will not receive an airdrop.


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Perpetual Growth: Yield to BuyBack

Our Protocol is as follows: Investors earn 4% BUSD rewards from tax, while 8% is deposited to Anchor Protocol as UST. The deposit is protected by insurance against smart contract failure and UST peg for 4% APY, resulting in 16% effective APY. Every day, 50% of the APY is used to do buybacks. The remaining 50% is compounded to ensure perennial growth within this system. 


Sustainable, Long Term Gains

Standard Rewards tokens are not sustainable. With our Yield to BuyBack Protocol, we ensure that the downward pressure generated by distributing rewards is fully canceled out. We call it Defi 2.0.
All compounded funds generated from Tax will remain securely locked in the Anchor Vault, and generate returns forever. This ensures continuous BuyBacks, constant growth on the Chart, and the guarantee of a long life for the project. Our users can also stake by time-locking their tokens, which will grant them additional APY, and help elevate the floor price of our token. 


The Token that will Disrupt the BSC

4% BUSD Rewards


Each investors will receive a form of passive income: BUSD rewards, automatically distributed into their wallets, simply by holding AEB.

8% Yield To BuyBack Protocol


Every trade contributes towards supporting the staking fund, which yields a constant source of revenue to BuyBack tokens and support the upward trend of the chart

Staking APY: 365%


Earn 1% per day by staking in our vault. 365% constant APY is unmatched on the BSC.
Our long term goal is to create a revenue model and create our own, proprietary Anchor Earn protocol.

Liquidity Locked


For the complete satisfaction of Investors, the liquidity will be locked for a year. The team tokens are vetted, with 0.2% releasing every 10 days.

Contract Audited


To guarantee a healthy smart contract, free from any malicious function, our token contract has been audited by a PinkSale approved third party firm.

Community Driven


Our project is handled for, by, and with the community. Our team is from the US, but our project is led by all of our investors across the world.


Our Roadmap


  • Creation of Socials and Website

  • Deployment of Staking Vault

  • Deployment of contract  

  • Audit 

  • Marketing Push

  • Fair Launch